Pleasing result working on 6 small panels

by Lenka

Yesterday, I finished a project I have been working on since February with Vince, who requested 6 bespoke panels. I was very satisfied with the final images of our completed work that were sent to me from Vince’s home and I would like to share experience with you.

When Vince first contacted me, he sent me a picture of the spaces he would like to fill and I was immediately drawn to this project.
space vince wanted to fill in with stained glass panels

Vince and I had a meeting and we discussed various designs and colours with sketches I had prepared. The fact that Vince is working as a Theatre Technical Manager became very useful in understanding the way glass breaks light when the sun is shines through. I felt myself at ease with Vince as he had inspiring ideas and I could easily understand him.

Vince responded with a great sketch of what he imagined the panels to look like and I quickly started to work on it.
Vince's decision

I supplied the panels one by one, and in the end he had 6 pieces.
finished first panel with no patina applied yet

panel black patina applied

Completed work of the finale installation in Vince’s home.
installed panel

pleasing result

Vince has very kindly given me a light table which was not being used by anyone. I took the chance and offered to repay Vince by repairing one of his old antique Victorian stained glass panel. I am extremely excited to work on the restoration and also new technique of painting on glass,
light table

Victorian piece to be restored

Once again, very blessed to be given this opportunity to design and work with Vince.

If you have any ideas or have been inspired by this feel free to email me on
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